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I'm Carlos, a 32 year-old Creative Developer and Art Director from Spain currently living in the sunny Mediterranean island of Malta.

My expertise lies in the creation of user interfaces and interaction through design and creative front-end development. My design abilities extend to the creation of 3D models, illustration, branding and motion.

In the front-end area, I'm proficient in HTML, SVG, CSS & pre-processors and javascript, including jQuery, pixi.js, three.js and GSAP. I'm passionate for creating interactive and original web experiences.

I have had the honor of being awarded:

  • Awwards - 1x Site of the Day & Developer Award.
  • CSSDesignAwards - 1x Site of the Day with UI, UX and Innovation awards.
  • CSSWinner - 1x Site of the Day.

This portfolio is a selection of my featured and most recent work. I'm currently looking for new opportunities to use my knowledge and skills to build experiences that make the web a better place, so, if you have anything in mind drop me a line